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The oldest auction barn in WA under the same management

Next Horse Sale

May 1, 2016

Saturday we will be having all our sales except for cattle.

Sunday we will be having horses and tack as usual.  Tack

at noon, horses at 3:00.









------------------------------------------------ Cattle,sheep, goats,pigs, & poultry auctions every Saturday, if it's a holiday-call first!!! 


We auction all kinds of animals & misc. items both large and small

Horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits, peacocks, gerbels

Tractors, farm equipment, tools, lumber, roofing, wagon wheels, furniture  household items, yard items

Flowers, trees, shrubs






Every Saturday: 11:00 am- Poultry auction

Please check your animals you wish to sell in BEFORE 10:30 if you are late you keep the auction from starting on time and everyone has to wait. The earliest you can check in is 8:00. Thank you

Chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, quail, pheasant, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels

fresh eggs, fertile eggs, rabbits, gerbels, cages, pet carriers, feeders, waterers


Flowers have just started!  We will probably have them thru June, 2015.


Every Saturday: 1:00 pm- Livestock auction- (Listed in the order they are sold)

Pigs(no potbellies), sheep, goats,day old calves,feeder calves,beef stock, dairy cattle


1st Sunday of every month- 12 noon- Tack auction

New tack sells first, then used consigned tack will follow


1st Sunday of every month- 3 pm- *****Horse auction******

  If your horse is registered please be sure and have the ORIGINAL registration paper with you with a SIGNED transfer from the person listed as the owner on the registration papers. THANKS





 If you need to find something else horse related you should try this site out. You will find it a very helpful site!!!!!!


You may also want to check out







Be sure to stop in and enjoy a great meal at the Branding Iron Cafe

Under New Management

We are family oriented so bring the whole family and enjoy a day at the auction where good food and good friends are always abundant.

Enumclaw Sales Pavilion

22712 se 436th Enumclaw, Wa. 98022

(360) 825-3151* Office

 If you have a question the fastest response will be to call the office at the number listed above.

www.enumclawlivestockauction.4t.com  or



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